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Criminal Law

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Criminal Law

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Criminal law regulates acts and/or omissions which it establishes as criminal offences – ranging from crimes (such as murder and theft) to contraventions (such as breaching public peace), as well as the applicable punishments for such offences upon conviction. Punishments serve various purposes such as deterrence, reform, and the proper administration of justice. This branch of law is essential to maintaining the good order and peace in society. Inversely, civil laws relates to the rights and obligations between persons (natural or legal), the resolution of legal disputes between such persons, as well as monetary compensation and damages.

Under Maltese law, the Criminal Code (Chapter 9) is the main legislative instrument dealing with criminal law and procedure. In addition, however, any Maltese law or regulation may establish that certain acts or omissions are crimes or contraventions. On the other hand, administrative offences, which normally involve contestable on-the-spot fines, such as traffic offences and offense such as smoking indoors in public places, are not considered criminal laws and do not affect one’s criminal record.

If you are charged with a criminal offence, contravention or administrative offence, we can assist you with matters such as:

  • Police interrogations and statements

  • Pre-trial preparation

  • Summary criminal cases

  • Arraignments (Prezentati) under arrest or by summons

  • Criminal Inquiries and Compilation of Evidence

  • Criminal cases before Court of Magistrates (as a Court of Criminal Judicature) or the Criminal Court

  • Compilation of Evidence and Committal Proceedings before the Court of Magistrates (as a Court of Criminal Inquiry) (Kumpilazzjoni / Qorti Istruttorja)

  • Magisterial Inquiries (Inkjesti)

  • Court of Criminal Appeal

  • Juvenile Court Cases

  • Trials by jury

  • Bail, Habeas Corpus applications, etc.

  • Extradition

  • Constitutional Cases and Human Rights (eg. fair hearing, due process of law)

  • Appeals

Through many years of experience, advocates at Lexvirtualis™ have acquired extensive knowledge of both Maltese and International Criminal law, providing top-level defence platform to any individual charged or accused of any criminal offence.

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