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Family Law

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Family Law

Dr. Mariah Mula

Practitioner and Academic

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Dr. Conrad Borg Manche

Practitioner, Consultant

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Dr. Chris Attard

Practitioner, Consultant, Academic

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Family Law is a branch of civil law and a segment of the Maltese Civil Code which provides the legal framework for an array of issues that may arise amongst family members, domestic partners or even persons in a relationship. The focal point of family law is a legal practice area that deals with matters involving these relationships, as well as related matters of paramount importance such as child custody, right of access to the child (visitation rights), maintenance, property rights, and as a last resort, separation and divorce, should the relationship break down. Apart from the Civil Code, the body of family laws in Malta are found mainly in the Marriage Act, The Civil Unions Act and the Cohabitation Act.

Advocates practising family law at Lexvirtualis™ can represent you in family court proceedings or mediate negotiations, draft legal documents, court applications (rikorsi) and property agreements.

Our services include:

  •  Adoptions

  • Child care and custody, as well as child abduction cases

  • Mediation

  • Drafting and vetting of agreements

  • Divorce, separation and annulments

  • Domestic violence and harassment – restraining orders and protection orders.

  • Criminal proceedings relating to family law – such as cases of failure to pay maintenance.

  • Property rights

  • Maintenance – ie. spousal support (also known as ‘alimony’) and child support

  • Marriage, civil unions and cohabitation

  • Prenuptial Arrangements (regarding which property regime is to apply to the marriage)

  • General litigation and appeals

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