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Why Malta?

Malta is an appealing destination for investors from all over the world. The country’s laws and unique taxation system attract thousands of foreign businesspersons every year. However, in order to fully benefit from them, it is advisable to ask for the services of qualified people who can explain, but most importantly, guide you in really obtaining all these advantages.


LexVirtualis™ Law Firm

Our Vision

From the first consultation you have with us, we will provide you with clear, well-reasoned advice.

Our main objective is to help our client understand the legal situation and the course of action available, as clearly as possible.

We are an independent law firm, which means that our advice will always be completely impartial.

It is important to us, that not only we give the best legal representation, but that it is done in most cost effective manner.

Value 01.

Low Fees

Here at LexVirtualis™, we managed to streamline our operations; therefore, we can offer different fee structures, without compromising on high-quality service.


Having no more rent, utility bills and office maintenance expenses, we reduced our overheads to a minimum.


We strive to find an amicable solution and avoid litigation as much as possible, and this is another way to keep the cost to the client as low as possible. 

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