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LexVirtualis™ is a virtual law firm based in Malta offering a vast range of legal advice and services, with particular focus on Maltese, EU and international law. 


Legal Advice and Representation

Legal advice is the expression of a professional and formal opinion regarding the matter or procedure of the law concerning a specific factual situation.

Ordinarily, legal advice is a service rendered in exchange for financial remuneration. When advice and/or services are offered without remuneration, this is typically referred to as ‘pro bono’. (Contact LexVirtualis™ to see if you believe your case qualifies as ‘pro bono’). When a lawyer (in Malta called an ‘advocate’) takes on a client’s case – and acts on his/her behalf – this is known as legal representation.


Warranted advocates are vested with the authority to represent clients in court proceedings and other legal matters.

Alternative Dispute Resolution and Litigation

LexVirtualis™ believes in adopting a strategic and flexible approach to disputes, which combines the comprehensive analysis of the legal situation with the capability and competence to serve our clients interests in the most advantageous way possible.


Our goal is to achieve results through negotiation, mediation and out-of-court settlements whenever possible. We believe that it is in the interest of the client to resolve disputes in an amicable manner, by negotiating a settlement on the basis of sound knowledge of the law, appreciation of the facts involved, as well as for reasons of practicality, feasibility and time constraints.


Amicable settlements often entail compromise – so each client should bear in mind that a measure of flexibility goes a long way. Should an amicable settlement prove to be impossible, our litigation lawyers will represent the client in a litigation forum – whether a board, tribunal or court. Remember, ‘Tribunals and Courts are a last resort!’


Debt Recovery

Our team of experienced professionals at LexVirtualis™ believes that we are best serving our
clients by implementing proactive strategies that ensure avoiding any time consuming and
expensive litigation processes.
We endeavour to establish a close working relationship with all of our clients; we take time
to get to know how they manage their business and in turn, provide relevant advice.
Should litigation could not be avoided, experienced litigation team, guide our clients
throughout the entire debt recovery process.
We operate at the local, EU and international level.


Examples services include:

  • Submitting a statement of claim (eg. judicial letter, the judicial letter under 166A, application to small claims tribunal or competent court)

  • Responding to a claim (eg. replies and pleas)

  • Pre-trial preparation

  • Trials including appeals.

  • Enforcing a judgement (eg. executive warrants)


Drafting means the drawing up (writing) and preparation of a legal document by a legal professional (such as an advocate or notary), according to the needs of the parties involved. It is written in a legal style and utilises legal jargon where necessary.


Examples of such documents are:

  • Legal letters (in non-litigious scenario) – eg. ‘ittra bonarja’

  • Court documents eg. applications (rikorsi), replies (risposti), etc …

  • Contracts and agreements (private or public)

  • Powers of Attorney (PoAs)

  • Laws, regulations and other legal instruments – including transposition of EU laws and incorporation of international treaties into domestic law


LexVirtualis™ firmly believes that the spirit of the law is enshrined primarily through drafting and thus the paramount importance of proper drafting.

Legal texts must be clear, certain, unambiguous and efficient. An old adage states that ‘a good contract is one which you sign and put away in your drawer’, meaning that the terms and conditions therein are so clear and certain that it should not be necessary to interpret the said contract at a judicial level.


Notarial Services

A notary public is a legal professional distinct from a lawyer (advocate).  Article 2 of the Notarial Profession and Notarial Archives Act (Chapter 55 of the Laws of Malta) states that: ‘Notaries are public officers.


They are charged to receive acts inter vivos and wills, and to attribute public faith thereto; they shall be responsible for their custody and shall give out copies and extracts of or from such acts or wills.

In Malta, a notary is required for various purposes.


Most notable are the following:

  • Transfer of immovable property – it is usually the buyer who engages a notary when purchasing real estate in Malta.

  • Succession planning and drawing up of a will

  • Administering an oath – eg. affidavit

  • Public deeds where required by law


Notaries at LexVirtualis™ can assist you with and advise you on the abovementioned matters, delivering a personal, tailor-made service to suit your needs.


They also work hand-in-hand with lawyers in the firm, whilst maintaining the status of an impartial public officer as required by law.

You may contact our notary directly on:

Other Services

In order to see our full range of services, kindly refer to our main practice areas on the LexVirtualis™ main page.

If you require an emergency lawyer, call our 24/7 support number: +356-79221002


Some services may be subject to availability.

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LexVirtualis™ strives to bring the client and lawyer closer together, closer than ever before.

Transparency of fees – no hidden fees. True estimates given prior to engagement.

By opting for a virtual law firm structure, we have eliminated substantial overheads and protected the environment, enabling us to offer you the most competitive legal fees on the island.

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